Sunday, November 8, 2009

Digging Deeper (PDF) - The Call, Pt. 2 of Living in a Larger Story

In The Call, part 2 in the series Living in a Larger Story, we explore the defining moment which moves a person from the ordinary to the extraordinary, from a small self-centered story into an epic narrative. In conjunction with this talk we have also prepared a series of questions for further reflection on this subject entitled Digging Deeper.

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  1. So Clint Eastwood... made your day? Sorry. Just had to say that one. 8^) I enjoyed the humor of the Saints and the Superbowl, and of the possible conversation between Peter and his wife when he said he was leaving fishing to follow Christ. I could tell you must have been a bit under the weather by your voice, so we hope you're feeling better. As for the meat of the sermon, I'm so thankful that Jesus meets us where we are... brokem, wounded, as you said, often as a real mess, and doesn't make us jump through the hoops to be used in his Kingdom. That's a beautiful thought, and so many need to hear that. Thanks. TA