Saturday, March 13, 2010

God in the Hard Times

Life: Connected
God in the Hard Times
Speaker – Crispin Schroeder

I. Intro, Text – Matthew 10:1-16
II. The Good News / The Bad News
A. The Good News Is…
B. The Bad News Is…
C. “Sheep” is not a compliment
III. Wisdom and Innocence (Matthew 10:16)
A. We learn through experience
B. We learn most through ______________times
C. But hard times can make for hard ____________
IV. Expectations - Hard times are so hard because they are not what we expect!




V. Conclusion (John 10:11-12, 27-28, John 16:33, Psalm 23)

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  1. I think my favorite part of this sermon was when you speak of how you got the “smack down” while at the worship leaders conference. Not because you did, mind you, but because a) you authentically shared this with us and b) you understand why you did. That, my friend, is Godly wisdom. I think of a few times that I was on top of the world, and just to full of myself, and how God made sure that I didn’t stay there long. The crash and burn that sometimes came afterward was, well, let’s just say, more than sobering, devastating, life changing. Couple that with the fact that yes, hardened hearts and unmet expectations absolutely can and usually do lead to bitterness and cynicism, and you’ve got just what you described: more Christians who don’t help further the Kingdom. And that’s another part of the “work in progress” that I know I face for sure. Certainly this complimented what you wrote in your personal blog last time as well, about longing for and keeping the innocence of youth. Nice that there’s hope though, eh? Can’t get enough of hope. And the Good Shepherd, well, I’ll be a sheep for Him all day long, ‘cause I know what my life’s like apart from His flock, and it ain’t pretty. Thanks Bro, and thanks for that beautiful closing prayer. TA