Sunday, April 11, 2010

What's the Deal with Church?

What’s the Deal With Church?
I.               What is Church?
Text- Hebrews 10:23-25, Matt 16:15-20
Church is the people gathered around the ______________ and __________________ of Jesus.
II.              Why Does Church Matter?
1.    Bible – The importance of Ya’ll
2.    Prayer – Together
3.    Encouraging one another
4.    Confession / Healing (James 5:16)
5.    Care
6.    Rightly Related - Learning how to be in relationship the right way
III.            Barriers to Experiencing Church
1.    ILife - Individualism
2.    Fear of _________________
3.    Fear of _________________
4.    Shame
5.    No room for __________________ in your life

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  1. Hey Crispin, I thought your emphasis on the plural rather than on the singular nature of the church was very refreshing. And before I forget, the “Worst Pastor” story was funny as I had not heard that one before.

    Thank you for your personal healing story, the story where you unloaded a lot of your baggage with a close group of believing friends. You are SO right about the slavery of shame, the way shame is such a controlling burden that manifests itself in our lives in often destructive ways, hurting ourselves and others we love in the process. And at the time we don’t even know that it is the basis for those harmful and hurtful things we do! What happens then? Guilt. Doubt. More feelings of worthlessness. Just one lie after another from the Enemy. It’s awful. So to be finally able to unburden one’s self of that is indeed a true healing. It’s a healing that is huge because it heals and transforms the inside of us… our hearts and spirit and even our mind. And that usually won’t happen in isolation. Thus again complementing the need for “us” and not just “me” in the context of church.

    And your closing prayer was beautiful. Thanks Bro. Peace to all. TA