Sunday, December 6, 2009

Living in a Larger Story Part 3 - Ensemble

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In Part 2 of this series we learned how the call of Jesus moves us from a small self-centered story into an epic narrative of what God is doing. In this message, part 3 of the series, we will look into how even though the call of Jesus comes to us as individuals that our fulfillment of that calling will come in community, in teamwork in an ensemble.

Speaker – Crispin Schroeder
Text: Matthew 5:13-16, Acts 2:42-47

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  1. I think the analogy of the way the Saints interact within their community of professional players to the way we as Christ followers should interact is very poignant. The need to abandon selfishness, pride, and self-sufficiency (“I did it my way”) is always in conflict with secular values. How true is the statement that “People know what the church is against but not enough of what we’re for”! Truly it’s an understatement. Where are we showing the love of Christ first? All the stuff we’re against, while stated from a biblical basis of truth, is often seen by those still searching for the truth as nothing more than hate! Instead of one step forward it’s two steps back. I know that even as a Christ follower I admit that I am NOT one of the “Shiny, happy people” in the words of REM. I know I’m broken, busted, and am a work in progress for sure. But therein lies the hope of God in Christ! You mentioned hope... it cannot be mentioned enough! Without hope we have nothing. Without hope there is no reason for most of us who are “clay pots” to continue living. So thank God that we do have hope in Christ. If not, we’d never escape our individual daily dosage of pain, or at least certainly I would not. Thanks for always sharing stuff from your personal life Bro, the stuff about marriage and traveling and the struggle, or as you say in your personal blog, your wrestle with life. It really helps all who hear your message to know that you, too, are a work in progress towards a more glorious cause… where all the colors bleed into one…. Peace. TA