Sunday, December 20, 2009

Living in a Larger Story Pt. 5 - Plot

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  1. Isn't a "plot" a pice of land? :^) Just had to do that when I saw the opening. :^) Seriously, the point that we are blessed to be a blessing goes nicely with a point you brought up in an earlier sermon, that of not wasting our suffering by keeping it hidden. Certainly the latter sucks when you’re going through it. What’s interesting is the perspective we take when we receive blessings or “the stuff” hits the fan in our lives. Regardless of how WE look at circumstances as “good” or “bad,” if we realize that God has, at the very least allowed these circumstances to happen, and we seek to understand the bigger picture (or as you said, the plot) of how these blessings and circumstances can be used for His glory, then that says a lot about our maturity and relationship with God. It is an awesome privilege to be a conduit through which the grace of God can flow. Now if I can just remember that the next time I'm cut off in traffic.... :^) And as you said, may we daily remember our roles as stewards, as we strive to be a blessing as we have been blessed. Amen, and Merry Christmas! Now go take that guitar out of the closet y’all and use it for its intended purpose! :^)