Saturday, January 9, 2010

It Starts Like a Garden...

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Text John 15:1-8

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  1. Thanks Bro, for that very heart felt sermon. So many good points: how things are taken out of context when it will benefit the one purposefully taking it out of context; to pay attention to the story we’re living in now instead of focusing too much on what could have been or what has already happened; Christ’s words from John when He reminds us that apart from Him we can do nothing (I love that entire context). And thanks as always for sharing part of your journey with us all. Please do not ever underestimate the magnitude of such open vulnerability. You know, the comment of “If people who knew me from back then saw me now, I think they would freak just a bit….” Believe me, I hear ya’. Using a math term, I thank God that He’s leading me 180 degrees from where I once was…. I really laughed at the “slip” of the Kenner Vineyard vs. NSV. Hey, it’s all good! It’s not like you said *shit* or something… but I digress… 8^) Oh, and sorry if I offended anyone with that word. 8^) I was nodding my head again when you talked of the convenience of listening to a podcast instead of actually attending a service. I’m amazed how easy I could talk myself out of NOT going to a sermon - truthfully b/c of past negative associations – just b/c I can listen to the sermon electronically. Good stuff. It hits home and makes one reflect on his own life if one is listening. And I am. And we are. Try not to get discouraged, Bro, if you don’t receive a lot of feedback. Easy for me to say, but none the less true. God is truly using you my friend, and will continue to use you as you remain His servant. I’m looking forward to the sermons of 2010, and especially the sermons in the fall, and knowing me and what I’ve written, you probably know why. But that’s okay if you don’t. HA! Thanks Bro. Peace. TA