Saturday, February 27, 2010

Discipline of Stillness

Life: Connected
The Discipline of Stillness
Speaker – Crispin Schroeder

I. Intro
II. Disciplines of Action and Stillness
A. Action
B. Stillness
C. Charismatics and Contemplatives
D. Both/And Spirituality
• Action without stillness will become little more than empty and lifeless ritual and will lead to burnout
• Stillness without action will fail to connect with the outside world in
III. A World of War and Chaos… Psalm 46
IV. Be Still and Know That I Am God…
A. Rhythms of Rest and Stillness (Exodus 23:10-12)
B. Stillness Acknowledges God’s Sovereignty
C. Being Still is Not an Escape
V. Conclusion
What is your battle today? What situation demands everything you have?


  1. I never really thought of “stillness” as a discipline but as I listened to the sermon it started to make perfect sense. And whatever did happen to that little kid inside that loved the magic of summer? Of running in the fields and looking at the sun shining through the leaves and wonder how high is that tree? Wow. Very sobering. I mean, when is the last time we’ve looked up at the stars at night, away from the lights and noise, and reminded ourselves of just how awesomely mind blowing that truly is? But the Adversary has us focusing just on what’s in front of us, on the circumstances of life, like a horse with blinders, and that’s just where He wants us, focusing on anything and everything but the love and presence of God. Or is it our own selfish desires carefully camouflaged within self-serving and self-imposed responsibilities? Interesting thought. Controversial thought. Debatable thought. Your point that most of us deal with our stress by spending what we don’t have on what we don’t need, causing unnecessary debt, which in turn causes more stress and then the vicious cycle repeats its seemingly never ending journey is very poignant. What a great time for us to embrace that maybe less truly is more, if the right perspective and attitude is there. And this is where the discipline of stillness can rule, if we can get past the initial awkwardness of it, and surrender to God communing with us during that time. Thanks Bro. And thanks for the song, More Than A Friend. We did that in CR last Thursday. Very appropriate to your sermon, and a welcome addition to all of us who miss your music. Peace. TA

  2. Great thoughts Tim. On this subject I ran across a great quote a couple of days ago by Eugene Peterson in his book Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places:
    "Without wonder the motivational energies for living well get dominated by anxiety and guilt. Anxiety and guilt restrict; they close in on ourselves; they isolate us in feelings of inadequacy or unworthiness; they reduce us to ourselves at our worst. Instead of being formed by the Spirit that hovered over the waters and raised Jesus from the dead, we are malformed into lives of moral workaholism or pious athleticism."

    Alot of profound thoughts packed into those words.

  3. I read that EP quote 5 times... slowly. And all I have to say is, WOW! How many sermons, no, how many introspections do you see there Bro? At least three. Awesome quote... whew! A keeper for sure.