Sunday, May 16, 2010

Artificial Life

I.               Texts – Luke 6:37-43, Genesis 3:1-12
II.              The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil
A.    Corruption in our genes – judgaholics.
B.    Humans are forever drawn to knowledge, mistaking it for life
C.   Judging is the illusion of living which keeps us from truly seeing ourselves or others.
III.            Eye Surgery
A.    How to remove an embedded plank from your eye
B.    New sight
IV.            Checking for Vital Signs – How to tell if the life you live is real or artificial.
A.    Judging without being judgmental, confrontation in humility
B.    The question is not whether God is on our side but whether we are on God’s side.
C.   Giving and forgiving

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  1. Thank you for that very moving sermon, Crispin. There is so much truth in what you said. Some of what I will take from this is compassion over criticism, mercy over maligning, healing over hurting, love over lashing out, and ultimately allowing God to fix me from the inside out over worrying about me fixing others. Good stuff, Bro. Thanks and Peace. TA