Sunday, May 30, 2010

Anxiety, Sin and Grace

I.               Text Luke 12:13-32 (NIV)
II.              What is this Thing We Call Sin?
A.    Sin lists
B.    Sin vs. Sins
C.   The sin progression
1.    ____________________________
2.    ____________________________
3.    ____________________________
4.    ____________________________
5.    ____________________________
6.    ____________________________
7.    ____________________________
III.            Sin Acts in Response to Anxiety
IV.            The Only Antidote to Anxiety is Grace

1 comment:

  1. A meaningful and also humorous discussion of anxiety and its basis with respect to sin, with the only solution being to accept God's grace as sufficient to nip this anxiety in the bud. And as was said, while grace is a mystery, and no one can really explain it, once one has received it, he/she knows it’s real. Thank you to your guest speaker. TA