Sunday, June 13, 2010


I.               Intro – Matthew 25:14-30
II.              Whose Money is it Anyway?
A.    My money?
B.    God’s money?
III.            A Question of Stewardship
2 responses from the parable:
A.    Inaction motivated by fear or complacency
B.    Action motivated by a desire to honor God through stewardship
IV.            How Can We Become Better Stewards?
A.    Learn to live simply
B.    Get out of debt
C.   Become a giver
V.             Q&A
Recommended Reading: The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey
*Also if you have further questions on getting your personal finances in order contact Josh McInteer at


  1. Josh spoke from his heart and his experience on a topic that as he said, is often difficult for many to talk about, especially when they are in higher levels of debt. Debt is absolutely a form of slavery, and it effects everything in our lives when it’s out of control, including our self-worth. Certainly we have a budget and it guides our spending. I have to chuckle of course that more times than not the “yearly emergency” turns into the “monthly emergency.” In the final analysis, for the most part, if one employs the discipline necessary to stay as close to the budget as possible and analyzes why it does and does not work from month to month, then over the long haul it will average out. That has been my experience anyway. As with the tides, there are cyclical highs and lows. The point is not to get discouraged and hang in there. I’m glad he provided those in attendance a handout with information on how he can be reached should they want assistance in starting a budget, as that is certainly the important first step. (On a side note to Crispin: I really enjoy the Q&A sessions you do from time to time. Since it’s difficult at best for us audio listeners to hear the question/comment being made from the audience, maybe the speaker can restate/paraphrase the question so we can better understand the response.) Thank you, Josh for your words. TA

  2. Tim,
    We will work on that for the next Q and A. I was thinking the same thing.