Monday, September 6, 2010

Prayer Pt. 4: Trajectory

Speaker: Crispin Schroeder
I.               The Trajectory of One’s Life
A.    Miracle on the Hudson
B.    Micro-slicing and the future of a couple’s marriage
C.   C. S. Lewis’ The Great Divorce
D.   The goal of the Christian faith is Transformation not simply Destination.
II.              Romans 12:1-2 “do not be conformed to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind…”
III.            Keeping your spiritual alignment balanced through The Prayer of Examen (examination of conscience)
“How do things stand between me and God?  Where am I coming from, and where is my life in Christ growing?”
1.    Set aside time for reflection
2.    Reflection – Begin by looking over your day and thanking God for the gifts in your life.
3.    Asking for Clarity – When you come across something in your day that you are not thankful for, some negative attitude or sin you participated in take this to God.  Having thanked God for all the good gifts ask God for one more gift – to see clearly and in hope how I am growing more fully alive to God.
4.    Examine – I carefully consider what my actions, omissions, thoughts, and desires tell me about my relationship with God, with myself, and with others.
5.    Question – I patiently ask myself what my action or attitude meant.  Did it embody the love of God or fear, peace or anxiety?
6.    Closing – Finally I determine to keep my spirit filled with gratitude, and to take steps to get rid of mindsets that stand between me and my creator.
IV.            Conclusion

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  1. Good stuff, Crispin. “Transformation over destination” is an excellent point. And I love the book of Romans, it’s my favorite. Profound yet understandable, it’s incredible and often leaves me speechless - no easy task I might add.

    May we appreciate what an awesome gift the bible is to help us in the endeavor to “renew our mind.” I think many look at disciplines such as bible study as drudgery, or have difficulty finding time to study it, or feel lost as to where to start, etc. Certainly I have had issues with all of those things, mainly in the past, especially when my spiritual maturity was not where it needed to be (not that one is ever truly “there” when it comes to our walk with God and certainly not that I’m “there”). We’re all a work in progress for sure.

    I know you like "The Message" as far as it being considered a more modern and easier read per se, but may I plug the “NIV Life Application Study Bible” for those wanting to dig a bit deeper without starting out with having to have multiple references? It’s translated and edited by over 100 biblical scholars across many Christian denominations from the original Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek texts, and the commentary is literally outstanding. I enjoy studying Christian Apologetics, and have found the insights in this publication to be invaluable at times. Certainly the renewing of your mind comes from a variety of sources, but to overlook the obvious (i.e., to not use this resource) can be and potentially is harmful to facilitating the learning and applying of God’s will for our lives.

    Nice plug for the Prayer of Examen, too. And we’re all for your interpretive dance, Bro. Bring it on! 8^) Peace, TA