Sunday, September 26, 2010

When Jesus Comes to Dinner

Speaker: Crispin Schroeder

Text- Matthew 6:1-6
I.               Intro: Memorable Meals
II.              When Jesus comes for dinner… (Matthew 9:9-17)
A.     What does this scene say about Matthew that he felt comfortable inviting Jesus to a party with disreputable guests?
B.    What does this scene say about God that Jesus would respond to the invitation and show up?
III.            New Wine Skins
·      The Shema of Israel – Love God as evidenced by following the Torah
·      The Shema of Jesus – Love God as evidenced by following Jesus and loving others.
·      Parable of the Great Feast (Luke 14:15-24)
IV.            But I’m not much of an evangelist…

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  1. Stir fried monkey and Bon Jovi hair, huh? Pretty wild! Really, thanks as always for sharing some of your past with us.

    I love the idea of God inviting everyone to his table. As in your readings when the servant was sent out to ask those that usually would never be asked - the outcast and the infirmed - wow, what a love he has for us! All one has to do is accept the invitation and show up, because certainly God does.

    I hope y'all have an excellent turnout for Alpha. Thanks. TA