Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Prayer Pt. 6: An Audience of One

Prayer Pt. 6: An Audience of One
Speaker: Crispin Schroeder

Text- Matthew 6:1-6
I.               Intro: Mel Gibson, Tom Cruise and why I have trouble watching their movies…
II.              Our Need to Be Noticed
III.            2 Kings
IV.            That’s Not Chocolate in There
V.             How Not to Pray
VI.            Rewards 

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  1. Thanks Bro, for another heart felt sermon.

    I hear what you’re saying about Mel Gibson. His personal life not withstanding, I still think his movies rock. 8^) Seriously, I’m thankful that my life hasn’t been in the public eye. I’ve just done too many stupid things in the past. Less so now I hope. Certainly I think it’s fair to say that if we had people with cameras on us all the time, then we’d not have many friends either, eh?

    Good point about the prayer being for and to and about the “audience of one,” instead of using it as a measure of last resort when we need rescuing.

    It spoke to me also about living a truly authentic life. I know you’ve said that many times, and that was not the main premise of this sermon, but it was certainly a secondary one. I know there are times I wonder that if I don’t “perform” well (in whatever applicable category that word applies) that I’ll just be this big old boring guy, and that can be scary. That said, I truly am living that way (authentically) more all the time, though I must admit it’s a work in progress, day by day for sure.

    Paul’s words about “praying without ceasing” I think compliment your sermon as well, when we remember it’s having an attitude or awareness that we are never separated from God’s presence and therefore his communion when we’re his children.

    Thanks also for ending the sermon with your song “King of All.” I swear, that’s one of the best songs you’ve ever written and I truly love it, as do so many others. Peace, TA.